Haaland about the MLS league: Interesting competition, I would like to play there one day



Erling Haaland is perhaps the best player in the world right now. He is a man who could soon be worth a billion euros.

Together with Manchester City, he continues his campaign for the domestic league title, but he also wants to win the Champions League.

Like last season, Haaland is excellent. He does great things, there is no match in which he is not the main player of his club.

Now he gave a big interview where people could get to know him a little better, not only the English stuff.

Among other things, he also talked about the MLS league, in which he would one day like to find himself.

“Kudos to that league. Whenever I’m free and whenever I have a chance, I watch it. They play good, attractive football. The atmosphere is great, everything is easier right away. My childhood club is La Galaxy because of some of the players who played for that club.”

Haaland is currently in his best years and it is certain that a lot will pass before he comes to play in MLS.


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