Record transfer in the world: Newcastle United offers 140 million pounds for Josko Gvardiol



The World Cup in Qatar is over.

The Croatian national football team won a new bronze medal, after defeating Morocco in the match for third place.

The scorer of the first goal in this match was Joško Guardiol, a 20-year-old stopper that the whole world is still talking about.

Although the winter break is still going on in Germany, that is, in the Bundesliga, the giants from Spain and England are working hard on potential reinforcements for the continuation of the season.

So from day to day there was a story about Chelsea’s interest in Guardiola, but in the end the club management decided that Guardiol was not their priority at the moment.

But the former stopper of Dinamo, and current member of RB Leipzig, could change the club already this winter, according to information from the media in England, which says that the local club Newcastle United is ready to offer as much as 140 million pounds for Guardiola.

As a reminder, Newcastle is currently the richest club in the English league next to Manchester City, and the rich owners do a great job when it comes to transfer policy, which can be seen in the results.

The team led by Eddie Howe from the bench currently occupies the third position, which leads directly to the Champions League next season.

But let’s go back to the transfer of Joško Guardiola. Namely, according to the media, Newcastle is ready to pay 140 million pounds, with certain individual bonuses (Champions League, national team, trophies).

This deal could also please the people at Dinamo, who would earn over 30 million euros in bonuses with the transfer of Joško Guardiola to Newcastle United, which is really a lot of money for a club in Croatia.

It should also be noted that with this transfer, Joško Guardiol would become the most expensive stopper in the world, which is fantastic when we look at the fact that it is only a 20-year-old player.


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