The end of the season is waiting: Leeds United want to bring in Aleksandar Mitrović on a one-year loan



One of the best strikers in the English league is expecting a big punishment after attacking a referee.

It is about Serbian national team player Aleksandar Mitrović.

There is still no official confirmation of what the punishment will be for this attacker who reacted violently.

Leeds United expressed their desire to bring this forward, but everything depends on the complete resolution of the situation at the end of the season.

Leeds is in a difficult situation, but the fans, as well as everyone in the club, believe that they will fight for survival, which is currently the main goal of the club.

Aleksandar Mitrović played 25 games in the Fulham shirt this season, where he scored 12 goals and added 4 assists.

The people at Fulham want to further rejuvenate the team starting next season, so Mitrović is no longer in the visions of the people from the club’s management.


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